Thank you St. John's!

THE ART OF INFLUENCE was a huge success – thank you so much to everyone who came out and to all who helped organize. More than 500 people came out for the show, which featured CBC Radio hosts TERRY O'REILLY and TED BLADES, was hosted by VICKI MURPHY. The 2018 'thedesigners award' was presented to ZITA COBB by JOE COFFEY (Upstream Marketing) and AMY NORMAN (Ray Agency). CNA graduating design student SOPHIE BRODERS spoke about her the graduate exhibit that was going on out in the mezzenine during the intermission.

Thanks so much to Terry O'Reilly, and his radio show producer (and wife) Debbie O'Reilly, for coming to St. John's – it was a special treat having them here, it was Debbie's first trip to Newfoundland and we hope they enjoyed their visit.

The Award

We’re so excited to have presented the 2018 designers award to Shorefast founder, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and one of our province’s biggest design cheerleaders – Zita Cobb! An entrepreneur, a leader in international business at the top of the oil and tech industries, Zita Cobb's work has taken her all over the world, earned her the prestigious Order of Canada, and when the time was right, she came home where she excelled as a social entrepreneur. Her love for this province has helped raise up an entire community - all the while focusing on strong design, strong marketing, cultural intelligence and the importance of place. She possesses a strong belief that community is most important, that you need to foster your neighbours to create more, build more, design more, and figure out ways for our young people to find careers here at home. Working with our creative community we can accomplish great things and no one has better exemplified these ideals better than Zita Cobb.

Sponsors (and why we love them)

We all need great sponsors to make an event a success, folks always say this but we want to reiterate how important our sponsor community is for an event like our's. Ticket sales only make up a very small portion of the operating and marketing costs needed, the sponsors generously take care of the rest. They're the best!!!

Everyone contributes in so many ways, financially of course, we need that most of all to pay for venue rentals, advertising, flights, etc. But our sponsors also contributed in more active ways such as Flower Studio's incredible floral pieces they created in the mezzanine. Designed by Lisa Simms, these pieces took countless hours to design and then build on site. Lisa was assisted by Beth Oberholtzer (from sponsor Oberholtzer Design) who was up on a ladder for most of Saturday afternoon helping pull it all together). Simply gorgous! Leaman Signs custom built the podium for us that we'll be able to use year after year, while iDesign added the purple wrap on the podium to help it tie in to this year's event branding. Fastsigns printed and delivered signage for our lobby. SAM Design provided the gorgeous furniture on stage - those chairs the boy sat in are incredibly comfortable you should pop in to ther storefront and sit in one yourself, you'll be blown away. They also brough the Fogo Island Shop furniture which ws featured on the right side of the stage. All these pieces are handmade on Fogo Island and available for sale at SAM Design. And of course, MINI St. John's knocked it out of the park by providing incredible MINI Countryman car for us to run all our last minute erands getting ready for the big show.

Thanks again to all sponsors! Here are their logos again - our extended design community, friends, co-workers, fellow-creatives. Love you all!

And lasty, how did we do?!

The Art of Influence was a lot of fun to see come to life. We will be back next year and hope you will be too. We would love to get your feedback – this event is meant to belong to all of us, and your ideas mean the world to us. Tell us what you liked and where you think we missed the mark. Our goal for next year is to fine-tune and improve in every way possible so please fill out the form below. Last year we received comments offering points of improvement and we actively looked to do a better job on every single comment we got last year, so please do send along comments - we take them very seriously. We've made it anonymous so you can say what you feel. Sign the bottom if you want us to know who you are, but no worries if you don't.

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What's Next?

Join us September 20th for a screening of the brand new documentary film DESIGN CANADA at the LSPU Hall. Check out the trailer below and we hope you'll join us. Tickets are on sale now (click poster image for link).

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